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     Thank you so much for visiting Beverly's Brows and taking a couple minutes to read up on our vision. Our goal is to provide patrons with highest quality beauty services such as makeup, microblading, tattoos and wellness in the Philadelphia area.  

 Rachel (founder) has spent the past 8 years in the cosmetic industry working as an Education Manager for Sephora, a Pro Artist for Laura Geller Beauty and an Education Executive for a skincare branch of Unilever.  

    After years of makeup applications on thousands of clients she started to form a passion for a certain kind of client. Those going through chemotherapy. There was nothing more rewarding to her than applying their makeup. Restoring their brows and lashes left her clients feeling themselves again.  

     She recently left the makeup industry to start a new venture in Microblading. In the same week that she was awarded with the title of Best of Philadelphia Style for Microblading, she discovered there was a new law in Philadelphia. A law which would force her out of the place she was practicing, and push her towards what her end goal and dreams were.  

     Beverly's Brows is going to be opening a tattoo spa in Northern Liberties off of N Front Street. One where she takes all the things she's learned and mixes them with several other talented artists with the same passion. To offer makeup, microblading, tattooing and wellness services such as reiki and nutritional courses to the public, but also for those impacted by chemo. The goal is to create a space of beauty and empowerment in the Philadelphia area.  

     A portion of each service purchased by the public will go towards giving the same services to someone dealing with cancer treatment.... FREE OF CHARGE. Talk about giving back! Unfortunately, it is safe to say that we all know someone who has battled cancer. We all have seen the toll it takes on someone to go through the treatment process, and the goal here is to help every one of those strong individuals to keep feeling their best. Confidence is another form of healing!


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Beverly is our founder's grandmother. 
  Beverly unfortunately crossed over from a battle with cancer years ago. during her cancer treatment she had to have surgery. there was a moment between Rachel's mother Amy and Beverly that was the spark to this company.  

    Beverly was just coming out of anesthesia from her surgery. She had a skin graph transplant from her leg to the top of her head. She was just waking up and was wrapped in gauze with only her face showing. As she began to wake up she knew that there were family members waiting outside to see her.  

   Amy was in the room with her as she began to wake up and Beverly started trying to say something. It was hard to understand what she was saying but after several attempts Amy clearly heard her mom say "eyebrows".  

     She walked over to her mother's purse and retrieved her eyebrow pencil for her. Beverly reached out her hand to grab the pencil and without a mirror, still in a haze from her surgery, was able to draw on her eyebrows perfectly.  

    Beverly's story is not the only one like this. After years of working with patients going through chemotherapy, Rachel has had hundreds of woman tell her how they don't feel like themselves. Almost EVERY time after Rachel has finished doing their makeup and hands them a mirror to see the finished product, they cry. She has heard everything from "there I am" to "I forgot what I use to look like".

    Everyone should feel beautiful, everyone should feel supported. Everyone should feel confident and everyone should give confidence to others.  

      We ask you to share this story with your friends and family. We look forward to offering services that will make the City of Brotherly Love filled with even more confidence!  

 Thank you all for your support.

with gratitude,
beverly's brows
“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” 
- Leo Buscaglia